Boracay: Alone and Sunless

I went to Boracay alone couple of weekends ago while there was a brewing storm and during Monsoon season. I braved the terrible weather because (I don’t know about you) I actually find a rainy beach quite interesting. Not to mention, it is after all Boracay. It’s gorgeous no matter what. I was just a bit bummed-out that I will not be able to jump off the cliff at Ariel’s point since the waves were too big and could easily shallow me into the great abyss. Nevertheless, I still looked forward to take millions of pictures, lay half naked on the shores, food trip and stare at the beautiful Boracay sunset.

It was my first time to go on vacation alone, a circumstance that I was not really thrilled about. But despite that, I had high hopes in enjoying this trip so I kept convincing myself that it was okay to be alone and considered it as a test. A test in finding-out if I suit the backpacker persona. Result of which will help me decide if I was ready for bigger adventures alone.

Boracay was alive even during the terrible weather. There’s a distinct energy that quickly envelopes any tourist as soon as they set foot on the island. I felt it. It was great. It rapidly wiped-off any amount of sadness that I was feeling because of traveling alone. I was glad to see Boracay again after many years of not seeing it and was really surprised to see how lively everyone was despite the bad weather. People embraced the presence of the storm continuing to hang by the bars and restaurants and only going for cover when the rains become harder. And harder it got. One moment I liked the most during this trip was me lying on the shore while being pelted by big fat raindrops. It felt SO GOOD. It made me feel like I was one with nature.

Another thing that I was surprised to see was how the island had changed since the last time I was there. I remember a few years ago, a tourist had no choice but pay exorbitant prices just to eat a decent meal (like 50 bucks for a cup of rice). These days, you can choose from a wide array of food joints like the very popular Andok’s where they offer combo meals for as low as 55 bucks. It was so cheap that I decided to eat majority of my meals there only diverting a few times when I wanted to eat some desserts or some Chinese noodles. Yes, Wanton noodles at the beach. Neat eh? There’s also a newly opened mini mart that offers many more food choices. So if one needs to tighten the budget even more, a cup of instant noodles worth 20 bucks is now readily available. When it comes to clothing and other random products, everything and anything can now be bought at D’Mall at standard prices. Several stores have now been put-up ranging from local camping products like Tribu to imported and trendy brands like Republ1c. So anyone who has accidentally left their cool and pricey swimwear at home need not to worry anymore. Pretty sure an equally cool and pricey swimwear can now be bought within D’Mall.

For a 3 days, 2 nights trip I spent roughly about 10,000 bucks. I booked regular tickets via Air Phil Express two months prior which cost me around 3,500. You add the airport taxes, boat fares and tricycle fares the travel cost alone would be around 4,000. I stayed at Hey Jude which is a modestly priced accommodation with nothing but the basic features (AC room, towels, free breakfast) which cost me around 3,800. The difference was spent buying meals, trinkets and random foods (mostly fruit shakes). Not bad in my opinion. Any budget traveler can still lower the expense by cutting down on food, buying promo tickets or looking for cheaper and more basic accommodations. The best thing about a developed Boracay is that there are now a million and one possibilities when putting together a tight and budget friendly trip and it will always be well worth it.


It’s all about my Trippings

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, Tripping means: Moving quickly and lightly; nimble.

From the root word Trip, Tripping could mean traveling and seeing different places. A journey to somewhere or a vacation at an exotic location.

Tripping is also a word that is used by anyone who could run-out of reasons on why they like or did something (i.e. trip ko lang).

It could also be connected to your current state of mind (bad trip).

Or your current favourite random activity (food trip).

Tripping could also mean your feet hitting a piece of wood or any long object then falling and smashing your face on concrete floor. Losing some of your teeth or ending-up with a swollen nose.

I wish to share my little Trippings in life and I will make sure that they will fall into the descriptions mentioned above… especially, the last one. 😛