It’s all about my Trippings

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, Tripping means: Moving quickly and lightly; nimble.

From the root word Trip, Tripping could mean traveling and seeing different places. A journey to somewhere or a vacation at an exotic location.

Tripping is also a word that is used by anyone who could run-out of reasons on why they like or did something (i.e. trip ko lang).

It could also be connected to your current state of mind (bad trip).

Or your current favourite random activity (food trip).

Tripping could also mean your feet hitting a piece of wood or any long object then falling and smashing your face on concrete floor. Losing some of your teeth or ending-up with a swollen nose.

I wish to share my little Trippings in life and I will make sure that they will fall into the descriptions mentioned above… especially, the last one. 😛


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