Dumaguete, thank you for keeping it real


I once almost packed my bags and moved to Dumaguete a few years ago. Not so I may follow a gorgeous woman and woo her heart (I wish). Nor was it because I was offered a tempting job offer that was going to pay me millions (I double wish). It was a time when I felt fed-up living in the maddening big city. I was working in a job that I did not love anymore, I was an adult living in my parents’ house, and I didn’t have anyone with a blessed heart to understand where I was coming from. I wanted so badly to quit the rat race and get rid of all the worldly garnishes. All I wanted to do at that time was to swim, run and bike. In short, become a triathlete. Dumaguete being so laid back, I thought to myself, it will be the perfect place for me to train and to keep everything real so to speak.

I visited Dumaguete or Dumags as I fondly call it, a few months ago during my birthday weekend. It was a promise to myself that I fulfilled as I had made a commitment to come back and see Dumaguete with a set of tourist eyes. I had been fortunate enough to travel there for work a few times in the past and from those experiences, I thought to myself it must also be very nice to come to Dumags on a vacation instead. But with many transitions and life changes, it made it impossible for me to come back soon enough. It took several years in fact before I had the chance. And I’ve changed a lot since then. But Dumags hasn’t. Thankfully so.

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