Superhuman for a day: My Malapascua Cliff Jumping Experience

Jumping off a cliff is something that I had always wished to do at least one time. And during a recent trip to Boracay I decided that I was going to make this wish of mine come true. Boracay has gained a different breed of fanatics as of late because of the popularity of a cliff jumping site found on one of its edges. So since I was there I naturally thought my chance had finally come and I was not going to let it pass. But as always the universe has its ways of making fun of me. Lo and behold a nasty storm was battering the island when I landed.

And the site was closed.


Needless to say I was disappointed which only made my need to jump a cliff grow even more rabid. And while browsing through dozens and dozens of travel blogs I discovered that there is a similar cliff jumping site in Malapascua, an island north of Cebu city. The timing couldn’t get any better as I was scheduled to go tripping in Cebu on the second week of December. I was finally getting another chance, I said to myself.

So on the second day of the trip I jumped a cliff! Yoohoo!!!

Here’s a video:

Credits to Ivan of Batang Lakwatsero for taking the video.

It took me about 5 minutes of thinking before I launched myself into the air and prepared for my possible death. I wasn’t so much worried about floating back-up since I was confident of my swimming skills. What scared me most was the possibility of hitting a wrong spot. Seeing all the rocks from where I was standing made it hard for me to decipher if they were close enough to the surface of the water or not. I of course didn’t want to break any bones. Much more, die.

But I also didn’t want to look like a fool so with all of my might I counted 1 to 3 and leaped.

vlcsnap-2012-10-30-12h27m51s210My mind sort of went blank. I didn’t scream. And of all of my body parts it was my precious butt that first hit the water. Let me tell you, hitting the water hurt like hell. Thank god though it only did for a few seconds.

Obvious from the video my jump could have been done in a better way. Because of which I ended-up with a huge bruise on my right thigh and a weird heavy feeling in my chest. Both of which I’m still enduring as of now.

But all bruises aside it definitely was an awesome experience. Enough to make me feel like I was nothing short of a superhuman. Well, at least for a day 😀

A word of caution to those who are planning to go nuts like me please make sure that you know how to swim. It ain’t a joke, I tell you.