In a Sea of Travelers

Written June 2, 2012 in Tagaytay City, Philippines.

Without a single shut eye from the previous night, I took a shower and headed-out the door to have breakfast at Bag of beans. I am currently on day 7 of my “caving” in Tagaytay and even if I have been doing grocery shopping practically everyday of the week, I still found the urge to dine-out this morning so I can forgo cooking and washing the dishes. I am weird. And I am wasteful.

The sky is grey. Not my favourite kind of morning definitely although the dewy surroundings is kind of appealing truth be told. Kind of is the operative phrase. The only thing nice about this type of morning is the thought that perhaps, the usual hordes of people that flock this small city hometown of mine will not be present. Ergo, I guess that I will have the Balinese themed Bag of beans coffee shop all to myself. I am thinking I could spend hours and hours there without much distraction where I will be able to write and mooch on free Internet. Wonderful, wonderful thought. Yet despite that, I’d still rather have some sunshine and a gentle morning breeze. Right now though, having that is close to impossible.

I arrive at “BOB” and I am welcomed not with what I was expecting. The resto is nothing if not jam-packed. For a day like today, this is surprising. I couldn’t believe that everyone and their mother decided to brave this storm and drive-up here, the volcano capital of the South (I made that up). Then again how dare myself to label everyone as a tourist. I am no expert. Who knows, maybe they are locals. Then again judging from all the pink shirts, bermuda shorts and fake Ray-bans that I see, I can’t help but assume. I don’t know about you but ain’t that the generic attire for tourists? Everyone looks like they are the beacon of trendiness. Good thing BOB is not packed enough to make it hard for them to spare a lonely table for the pathetic loner that is me. I am given a nice spot near the bird cage where I have a good view of all of these wonderful, giddy travelers.

So here I am, the self-proclaimed random tripper who is currently in a travel rut, in the middle of a sea of newly shaven, newly bathed excited travelers who are ready for a debauchery-filled weekend. Their freshness and excitement emit in the air. I think to myself, I wonder where these travel creatures get the energy to travel? I wonder what drives them to escape their poetically lovely and mundane day-to-day existence? I wonder if they will ever get to a point when they will silently say to themselves, I don’t want to travel anymore dammit! I know I was like them sometime not so long ago. Excited and whatnot. Currently however, I think I am something else.

I wonder. I snap out of it. I get-up. I attack the buffet spread.

Really, what gives?


This post was salvaged from the archive of my old travel blog. The now non-existent and formerly hilarious


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