My Dream Destination and Why I don’t Know Where It Is

Written April 3, 2012 in Starbucks 6750, Makati City, Philippines.

Ask me where my dream destination is and I would probably answer Japan or New Zealand. Japan because I grew-up watching the TV shows Japan Video Topics and Bioman on Channel 13. New Zealand simply because, I’ve been dreaming of bungee jumping from the Auckland bridge since I watched team Philippines do it in The Amazing Race Asia. But in all honesty, these 2 countries are merely default answers that I have with me handy in case I get asked that question which, through the years has proven to be somewhat dreaded by me.

I absolutely have no idea where my dream destination is.

Putting on the line my creds as a travel blogger (if I ever have any), I can sincerely say that I am not one who would consciously browse through a dozen Lonely Planet books or do madman research to discover the latest best destination on earth. This, despite having been immersed in the wonderful world of those talented and rabid travel bloggers that I met recently. Doing research is just too much of a chore for me to ever want to do. With no shame whatsoever, I can say that I am to an average travel blogger, someone that can be labeled as a tailgater or, as I would like to call myself, a random tripper. I am the kind of weirdo who likes to know that he wants to go to a certain place once the opportunity presents itself to him. When I get an invite or when I hear of an upcoming trip. Otherwise, I’ll usually just book a flight to a place that I’ve been to or drive to a beach that I’ve seen a million times in the past. Sure I do have a few places in mind that I want to see (I’m no total airhead) but I am not the type who would list down and set goals. My imaginary list changes all the time. I forget some and I add some then forget some again. I ain’t an authority obviously so goodbye my 1 reader haha!

I travel not necessarily so I could see and explore a particular place or destination. I travel primarily so I could detach. Detach from reality and detach from the daily grind. In the process, create precious moments that I can add to my history. Do something crazy like jump from a 50-foot cliff in Cebu or do something mundane but unusual like exercising my location independence at work by “officing” at Terminal 21 Mall in Bangkok. I’ve also chatted with random strangers at places like Dundas Square in Toronto and Union Square in San Francisco. I’ve driven alone at 3:30 am on a whim to go to the beach and I’ve never refused an offer to experience non-stop laughter and fun times with shiny happy people while climbing a mountain or snorkeling the deep end of the sea. The Angkor Wat maybe one of the most majestic, jaw-dropping structures known to man and seeing it in person was indeed totally incredible. However, what makes my trip there memorable is having been able to bike its grounds while the temples loom over me on a daily basis. Toronto is not a popular tourist destination and is a place that I cannot brag about in the same manner that I can with The Angkor Wat. But because of the various struggles and triumphs that I’ve experienced while living there, it will be so zany of me if I refuse to label it as the most memorable place that I’ve ever been. So not zany that I refer to it as home.

I guess, in all of my crappy explanations on why I have no idea where my dream destination is, what I am really trying to say is at the end of the day I don’t remember the destination. What I remember most is the time in my life or the bits of moments that I created for which the destinations served as the perfect backdrop.

It is through these memories and stories, good or bad, that make me feel that I have truly seen the world.

However, if someone is going to be push me against the wall or ask me at gunpoint where my real dream destination is, I do have a special place in mind. It is a place that I am not willing to share right now and there is a reason. On whether there are measures that I am doing so I can get there soon, I tell you there are plenty. In fact, every bit of my existence is dedicated to getting to that one place (and please, it ain’t heaven). On whether I will get there…. Definitely.

Congratulations to Robbie of for coming-up with such a wonderful theme for the PTB’s Blog Carnival for this month. This is not an entry for it but I am looking forward to reading all of the submissions.


This post was salvaged from the archive of my old travel blog. The now non-existent and formerly hilarious


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