There should be so much to say about 2012 in my personal history. For there was really no other year that I can remember to be as colourful as this. Where to start, in fact is my biggest dilemma. Before it came along, I had pretty much settled my niche in life to be non-exciting, routinary, and pedestrian. Thoughts of backpacking and working next to the beach were to me nothing but obsolete ideas. I was fine with constantly itching to travel but ending up living vicariously through someone else instead. That’s how 90% of the world’s underachievers live anyway. I refused to believe that phenomenal daydreams can actually materialize. I’ve learned to be pragmatic, you see and I liked myself that way.

However, 2012 proved me wrong many times. What a year it has really been. I can’t help but be nostalgic, truth be told. I’ve done so much. I’ve seen so much. For somebody who has always had second thoughts on shooting for the moon and would always choose what is practical over what is sensational, this year was nothing but decadent. I’ve showered myself with self-indulgence like I’ve never had before and I felt I deserved it. More so, I felt I needed it. I traveled when I wanted and spent when I wanted. It was my last chance to be crazy if crazy is characterized by so.

Still, though great, all can’t be perfect. Despite having lucked-out this year, I was not a star in the truest sense of the word. Moments when I found myself at the mercy of the universe and felt truly downtrodden were not missed. You can’t go against nature, I realized. But such sad and bad episodes only made me build my inner grit. I grew some well earned fangs which I now do not hesitate to show in the pits of crisis. As it should be and as it will always be.

2012, you are the shits. Inexplicably awesome. You have made me realize that marvelous things do come true the same way that they do in fairy tales and in Disney movies. One day I will have kids and grand kids and I bet I will tell them about you. For now though, I can only hope that I learned so much from your greatness and will be ready to re-shape my ways once this looming life transition takes effect.

I declare that I will never ever forget you. It will be impossible.