The Last Beach: Bolinao

DSC_0052February 16, 2013

It’s 3 am on a Saturday at Mc Donald’s El Pueblo, I stand in a corner patiently waiting for my buddies and a van that will take us to Bolinao, Pangasinan. A place that I never imagined that I was really too interested in seeing but would perhaps never really say no to if given a chance. This weekend is the last time that I will be at the beach. In case I haven’t said it enough, I am moving away soon. And soon is in a few days. Where I am going, the only “beach” in existence is one that will make any swimmer grow a third arm. So just imagine the height of my expectation right now on how bad-ass the beach must be in Bolinao. Better be good or f*ck.

The road is long, the drive is fast. Our valiant driver seems possessed by the ghost of Michael Schumacher and for the love of our precious, precious lives we make this known to him and plea. With some disappointment (and I bet a lot of sadness) he slows down a little bit and finally gets us to the beach safe and scratch free. Whew.

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San Francisco

In every traveler’s life, there is always that one place that sparked their interest to see more of the world. Where they discovered that unrelenting feeling of desire to conquer what is outside their comfort zones. Of which ignited their lust to gallivant that couldn’t have happened anywhere else. I have been a traveler for sometime now and my adventure started in the lovely city of San Francisco, California.

100_4902I traveled alone for the first time and chose San Francisco as my destination. Having gone there the previous year with my father, I knew I was familiar with it enough to not become easily intimidated with everything while at the same time carrying with me so much excitement in being able to visit a foreign land. The seemingly safe surroundings and efficiency of the public transport plus the free lodging from kindhearted relatives and friends were big draws to me as well. Being young and sort of naive, I of course wanted to remain in a safe environment even while going on an ambitious, no-care-to-the-world kind of an adventure.

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