The Last Beach: Bolinao

DSC_0052February 16, 2013

It’s 3 am on a Saturday at Mc Donald’s El Pueblo, I stand in a corner patiently waiting for my buddies and a van that will take us to Bolinao, Pangasinan. A place that I never imagined that I was really too interested in seeing but would perhaps never really say no to if given a chance. This weekend is the last time that I will be at the beach. In case I haven’t said it enough, I am moving away soon. And soon is in a few days. Where I am going, the only “beach” in existence is one that will make any swimmer grow a third arm. So just imagine the height of my expectation right now on how bad-ass the beach must be in Bolinao. Better be good or f*ck.

The road is long, the drive is fast. Our valiant driver seems possessed by the ghost of Michael Schumacher and for the love of our precious, precious lives we make this known to him and plea. With some disappointment (and I bet a lot of sadness) he slows down a little bit and finally gets us to the beach safe and scratch free. Whew.

I cannot ask for a better out of town trip than this. The sun is nothing if not shining brightly and the beach certainly does not disappoint. Although at first glance, I know right away it’s no Palawan, it’s no Phuket. The sand not soft enough, the water not calm enough. But nonetheless, every bit the bad-ass beach that I’ve asked the universe for. I did say I’m moving to a place of sucky beaches didn’t I? To complain at this point is a sin and thank you is not enough.


The lighthouse nearby.

The lighthouse nearby.

The waterfalls nearby.

The waterfalls nearby.

DSC_0119As we start to get comfy in our home for the weekend, my friend Chino finally commences the “Chino Show.” With every bit of his words and his actions, this little dude that could, leaves his audience spell-bound and asking for more. No he is not a singing stripper, this friend of mine is simply as wacky as could get and will never shy away from being the life of the party. And a party is what we are currently having definitely. Jerome is his usual jolly self, Josh and his girlfriend Mary Ann, although I’ve never spent a lot of time with before, are not awkward or aloof. The brotherhood that we’ve developed brought about by our interest in travel and travel blogging continues to binds us so all the laughter, all the funny stories are nothing but sincere. We are obviously at a happy, happy place right now and I am glad I am spending time with them.

Chino D' Great

Chino D’ Great

Jerome, Josh and Mary Ann.

Jerome, Josh and Mary Ann

Aside from the 5 of us, we are also with a few new found friends. This trip by the way is a project of these 4 enterprising friends of mine. They bring a group of people to a tourist destination and they give them the time of their lives. In this occasion, I certainly do not see a single client of theirs frowning and ready to file a complaint. Everyone is up and smiling like they’ve never had before. I can’t say that I am surprised. My friends are definitely working hard to make this happen.

New found friends and satisfied clients.

New found friends / satisfied clients.

So in between all the laughter, the eating, the photo taking, the swimming, the sight seeing, chit-chatting, blog scrutinizing, drinking (only them), getting to know, bantering, listening to punchlines, planning new trips, dreaming of new trips, advice sharing, and everything else that are worthy to be labeled as uber cool, the sad reality is that in a few days I will never be able to experience this again. Well at least for a while. At the risk of sounding cheesy, to say that I will miss being at the beach with good friends is truly an understatement.



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