DSC_0162At The Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City, Philippines.


Mount Talamitam

DSC_0249It may be said that climbing a mountain was my last wish before I permanently relocated yet again away from Southeast Asia. Being a bad-ass mountain boy is an occupation that I was never able to imbibe and the thought continues to frustrate me. Even though I had so much opportunity to join various group climbs, for some reason I always ended-up needing to prioritize other things when such opportunities came by. Sure I was able to climb a number of mountains but with the thousands of marvelous peaks in Southeast Asia, my record certainly looks pathetic. And now that I am away again, a good amount of regret gnaws in me truly. Sigh.

The regret started a long time ago before I returned to North America so as the day of my big travel came nearer, I asked the universe to grant me a final opportunity. An easy and fun climb that would satisfy my craving. There was no point of planning a climb to Mount Pulag and I of course wouldn’t dare myself to climb Mount Apo at that time. All I wanted to do was to duplicate my experience when I climbed a mountain in Chiang Mai, Thailand and in Cebu, Philippines. I wanted it to be uber easy and full of laughter. I didn’t want to end-up cursing in my head 100 times like I did during my first major climb in Tarak Ridge. So with only a few days before my flight back to Narnia, I was able to round-up 3 of the nicest and friendliest people/bloggers that I know to join me in my farewell climb. And with their expertise they were able to suggest that we climb Mount Talamitam, a mountain that is quite popular among newbies. Definitely what my legs could endure and what my soul needed.

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