Japanese Cherry Blossoms in High Park Toronto

I was finally able to go on a hike yesterday after being kept away from all things nature during the Winter season. I wish I could say that by doing so I conquered another mountain. I didn’t. Simply because there aren’t any mountains within the city that I live in. But thank god to the forefathers of Toronto for having the sensibilities to hire genius urban planners who decided to keep forest patches as part of its urban landscape. These forest patches lined with wild trees grown on sloping terrains have been turned into enormous recreational parks. And found in those parks are various hiking trails that imitate the trails found in actual mountains. Yesterday I was the badass hiker of High Park. I pretended that I was climbing a real mountain while listening to Cynthia Alexander on my Ipod. It wasn’t as challenging as scaling Philippines mountains for sure but the experience still left a satisfied feeling in me. Enough to make my legs wiggle and my soul leap yet again.

The highlight of my trip to the park yesterday was seeing an abundance of freshly bloomed cherry blossoms or what the Japanese fondly refer to as Sakura.

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