Toronto Ranks as one of World’s Most Livable

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 11.06The Economist Intelligence Unit or simply The Economist Magazine, came-up with a list of most livable cities in the world yet again. And like last year and the year before, the city of Melbourne in Australia has gained the title of the most livable city in the world. And although 4 other Australian cities made it to the top 10 none else made it to the top 5 which Canada dominated with Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary occupying spots 3,4, and 5 respectively. The Economist rates 140 cities on the basis of 30 factors under five categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

I am proud of TO for gaining this distinction. The Canadian government has always been known to prioritize livability over tourism. That’s probably why you will never hear a conyo kid say: “I am going to visit Toronto” in the same manner as they will never think twice in saying: “I am going to visit New York” out loud. Lol.

For me really, Toronto has always been an undiscovered gem that is not at all waiting to be discovered. Happily unpopular when compared to other favourite destinations. Not giving a flying sh*t about popularity. It’s a hipster town just cool on its on without needing the attention that over-rated cities like New York, Paris, or LA typically beg for. And interesting to note too that not one US city and only 2 obscure European cities made it to the rankings. As for Asia, I wonder why Singapore didn’t make it, no?

Well, as I would like to keep saying, it maybe is More Fun in The Philippines but the truth in advertising really says…

DSC_0053Read the whole article from the Toronto Star here.


Pictures of The CN Tower

DSC_0094It’s only now that I’m back that I grew a deep appreciation for the CN Tower. Although I thought it was cool whenever I see it back then, now my thought is that Toronto is so lucky to have this wonderful symbolic structure to represent it. A true work of art that can be seen in the entire downtown area hovering over other “little” skyscrapers serving as the centre piece of this very progressive city.

And now that I am back, I made sure that I took a bunch of photos.

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