Studio Ghibli Film Festival in Toronto

Studio Ghibli fans from all over the world will have a good reason to pay Toronto a visit this coming December as the Bell Light Box Theatre otherwise known as Toronto International Film Festival’s headquarters, will be holding a month long retrospective film festival featuring 17 of Studio Ghibli’s finest works. This is in celebration of the film company’s newest release, The Wind Rises which is now playing in the Toronto International Film Festival. The announcement of this grand event also comes in the heels of Hayao Miyazaki’s decision to retire from making films.

Being a Studio Ghibli geek for sometime now, Miyazaki’s decision to retire definitely saddens me. But I have faith however that the quality of all of the future releases from Studio Ghibli will forever be carried on with the enduring legacy that Hayao has established. This, proven already, by such movies as From Up On Poppy Hill and The Secret World of Arriety. Both of which were not directed by Hayao Miyazaki but the quality of his work can be felt through out.

And for many days now I have been painstakingly trying to score some tickets for The Wind Rises. The last showing of which will be this coming Sunday. It will be the film that will close yet another historical year of movies for Toronto’s much talked about Film Festival. Very fitting I must say and I have accepted that I will never be able to score any tickets as the film is the most awaited one in the list. I will just have to wait until February 2014 when it goes on commercial release. I am upset for sure but am still glad and excited for the upcoming film fest in December. I’ve always wanted to watch a Studio Ghibli film on the big screen. I’ve never had such opportunity before so saying that I will be excited about this is actually an understatement. Just imagine, I will finally be able to see the kingdom of Laputa in a larger than life medium and will have the opportunity to hear Joe Hisiashi’s musical score being played inside a real theatre. Sigh.

Here’s a teaser on what to expect.