Indie Game: The Movie

I do not have any bit of shame in admitting that I am this oddball who often tries to find the answers to life’s many mysteries in each of the films that I watch. I have this firm but strange belief that what the whole of humanity needs to do in order to stop running around like headless chickens while trying to figure-out the meaning of life is to zero in on a couple of films and make them the basis on why they must be, what they must be. Many will for sure call it weird, while I choose to call it newfangle. Lol.

In the midst of digging through several of Charlie Kaufman’s and Hayao Miyazaki’s movies, and while Mary Katherine Gallagher was showing me how she explicitly expresses her desire to be one with nature, I found this gem of a documentary film created by a team of Canadian filmmakers that truly, truly answers the many burning questions of my soul. Who knew that while I try to relate to Gregory Peck’s wonderful performance as Atticus Finch in the movie adaptation of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird in an attempt to lift my spirits of hope or imagine myself as the male version of Sissy Spacek’s Carrie (which was reprised on screen recently by one, Chloe Moretz), a documentary about creating video games holds priceless words of wisdom from a couple of nerds and introverts that the world will perhaps never want to ever to get to know personally. Surprisingly, such anti-social creatures show how highly knowledgeable they are in the true essence of life and how deeply personal and vulnerable they become while trying to perform well in their chosen profession even though it is to develop a run-of-the-mill, commercially available video game product. Something that a clueless, run-of-the-mill buyer may simply overlook. Here they show how honest dedication and love for the craft do wonders to one’s existence. What these meta geniuses go through are nothing short of torture at times. The waiting period, the long hours of work. Many of which I can for sure relate to as I had gone through pretty much the same in recent times (ie Canadian paper works). I know exactly how it feels to want to pull your hair out of frustration or binge with no end on ice cream while waiting for answers that must specifically respond to what is specifically required. Difficult situation. Like going nuts, I tell you. Which the dudes in this film will explain further.

Inasmuch as this site is a so called “travel blog”, travelers will enjoy watching this movie for its superb cinematography with some wonderful sites of Canada and the US playing backdrop.

And this film has just become one of my favourite films of all time.