I Have Nothing To Write

March 8, 2014

9 pm-ish

I sit inside my favourite Timmy’s branch on King St. West devouring some timbits and a hot French Vanilla while reading an article about Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie which was shot in Toronto called Enemy. I think to myself finally, another movie that will show Toronto as Toronto and not New York, Chicago, or any other North American megalopolis. Toronto ought to play itself more often in movies, me thinks really. I also just came from watching the new Liam Neeson flick called Non-Stop which is about a US Air Marshall trying to save 150 passengers on board a flight to London from a possible terrorist attack. It is one of those very shallow but nonetheless entertaining storyline that most frequently is showcased in Liam Neeson’s rakets (Google: Taken and Taken 2 and 3 etc). And why I chose to watch such vapid, vapid form of artistic produce on a day that I should have been sensitive to the events of the day prior (Google: Malaysia Airline Missing) is because I had a rough past week and having to engulf myself in nothing but insipid plots in movies would somehow help me recover which I now realize is a completely false assumption. I feel bruised from the bouts of last week, still. And as I sit here right now, I end up glancing on the computer screen of the hipster at the next table. On it is what looks like a familiar website that I seem to have frequented in my days of travels past. He apparently is typing a blog post. In WordPress. I think to myself, that must be such a nice thing to do especially in my present state of lament. I wish I too can pour my feelings onto a blog post. I wish I too owned a blog. I wish I too am a blogger. Then I think again, wait a minute, I too have a blog! I too am a blogger! For a few minutes I actually forget that I too am that kind of a loser who’d rather write on a blog than talk to a human being. So then I quickly think, what must I write? What in the vast nothingness of the vacuum that I call my life should I pick to make a story out of? I need an idea. A plan of some sort. I get myself somewhat excited and hungry at the same time. So still without a topic, I head-out the door and walk my way to Goldstone in Chinatown.

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