Life Right Now

I used to be this person who viewed life as a series of mundane, ordinary circumstances lined-up to be experienced one after the other by mundane, ordinary individuals.

I never got what life was all about. That is why I preferred to travel. In travel, you can forget about the mundane and have one after the other, extraordinary if not sensational experiences to be felt, to be swallowed, and to be lived. Life becomes wonderful then I thought.

When I moved to Vancouver all I ever wanted to do was to have an ordinary job and have and extraordinary life. By that, I mean have a job and climb mountains regularly. I wanted to see my life that way, you see and not the way I viewed life. Much like most of them admired travelers out there. In that way, I was ready to live the mundane so I can escape to the sensational.

Life didn’t happen that way, so it seems.

Vancouver presented me with something else.

Life right now is something that is tough to explain. Why I got myself into this, God really only knows. And when I say that, I mean it with all sincerity. God really only knows.

Life right now is tough to say the least. There are so many things around me that I do not understand and am painstakingly trying to comprehend.

Life right now is something I need not to escape. Yet, it is not mundane by any measure.

Life right now therefore, must be extraordinary if not sensational.