I genuinely feel terrible and terrified and baffled to be honest as to why I have this sudden urge to write an About page. I’ve always been just comfortable writing anonymously without a single thought of anyone gaining actual, valid interests in what I have to say or who I am. I sometimes don’t like to be heard and don’t like to be known, really. But I like to write. I do. I like the practice of flexing my mediocre mental abilities to come-up with an opinion or a narrative and be able to reflect what they mean to me. Yes, in fact that’s what I use this blog for most of the time. As a tool for reflection. You see, I tend to have excessively active thoughts about many things. But I hate babbling. I hate talking. So much. I find it easier for me to lay in paper (or in blog) what I need to say than to talk. Why this is so is something that I’ve never really paid much attention to.

Before I forget, let me say thank you for the visit. It may be your first time, or your second, or your third. I see a couple of you come by quite often and for whatever reason you find interest in visiting this blog, feel free to indulge yourself with my indulgence. I can’t promise I can always come-up with something that may appeal to you. I mean, I babble about nonsensical things most of the time, I don’t have the best grammar, and I commit tons and tons of typos it gets disgusting at times. But I can for sure promise that I will always come-up with something that will be meaningful to me. Wherever that leaves you, I can’t really predict. Nor will I try to.

As of writing I am at a phase in my life which I would like to call “the greatest adventure so far” having moved from Manila to Toronto not too long ago. It hasn’t been easy, I tell you. But it has been so good. So good. So different. So fulfilling. I can never trade my life now for anything else. But eventually I see myself having other greatest adventures in the future. See myself living in other countries too and retiring near the ocean and the mountains years from now.

I write mostly about travel. Well, exclusively about travel and whatever’s in-between. I choose to stay in one path just cause it makes it easy for me to come up with things to write. Though I’ve got many other interests too. I pick-up a guitar and play whenever possible, sit down and play the piano if there’s one around. At some point in my life I thought I was going to be an artist as being able to draw well was the only talent that I knew I had from birth. I never harnessed it. It’s almost gone. I like getting lost in movies, really get lost in them. My favourite filmmakers are Cameron Crowe, Alexander Payne, Wes Anderson, and Hayao Miyazaki. I try to watch whatever Johnny Depp does. And I am a fan of comedy. My favourite comedians being Tina Fey and the rest of Lourne Michael’s army of SNL comics among others. I listen to music a lot too. I’m listening to Elliott Smith now as I type and I’ve practically lived inside Cynthia Alexander’s Rippingyarns album. I don’t read books as much as I wish I could. Seems like I got myself stuck in my Catcher in The Rye phase and I’ve never moved on. But I read a lot online though.

My plan in the immediate future is to move to western Canada as I wish to become a bad-ass mountain hiker and explore the great Canadian wilderness. In the West is where most of them can be found.

I’m also going to travel more.

And take photographs more.

And become better at both.

In here is where I wish I could share all such good things.

The old school way.

Truly Yours, Johnny Earwax


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